Do you want to produce a film for your business or general event?

Our services include all of the production stages:

  1. Pre-production

    - Which is to say writing your screenplay, planning out the logistics, hiring actors and much more...

  2. Production

    - We shoot and direct the film that you want made, with your input as a producer.

  3. Post-production

    - We edit everything together into a professional video/commercial that you then can use to promote your business. (This includes assembling the film, sound design & sound mix, VFX, Colorgrading etc.)


-What exactly do you pay for?

  • The exact pricing for each film/video varies, and depends on a multitude of factors, such as the difficulty of the project and the amount of time required. After an inquiry has been made, pricing will be discussed.

  • What is included in this price:

  1. Professional equipment already owned by the company that will not require hiring.

  2. Editing software.

  3. A wide knowledge of the process of film production.

  4. The general time it takes to produce a film.